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Wolfie Designs
My name is Mari Wolfaardt, and I am the owner of Wolfie Designs. I have an Honors degree in Inclusive Education and I am very fortunate to pursue my passion through teaching and designing.

I have 10 years teaching experience and it is my absolute passion to create digital resources.Click on the link below to visit my website, and support my dream.
School in a box

School in a Box is an NGO that offers educational products with outstanding curated content. Their goal is to equip learners in Africa to reach their full potential. The tablets are user-friendly, with a majority of systems offering offline use for learning centres and schools that cannot access the internet.School in a Box is all you need to provide academic support for students from ages 5 to 18 (Grade 1 to 12). From English to Computer Coding, School in a Box can help all learners to achieve their full potential. Teacher guides and resources within the content, equip staff to lead their students confidently.