School in a Box Mini

School in Box Mini offers 5 – 10 tablets with covers and screen guards that are charged in the metal briefcase while not in use.


School in a Box has a built-in mini server and router for easy connection to access e-learning content.


The server is chosen for its high reliability and the ability to transfer consistent gigabit speeds within a small environment. It needs the minimal amount of resources to effectively serve online content. With the moving around of these products a Hybrid HDD is installed, which accommodates best price and durability.


The WiFi router is reliable and provides outstanding performance on it’s gigabit ports. Management and security on these devices is more than sufficient and creates the best WiFi for School in a Box clients with minimal to no support required. Cost effective as well with the option of using a USB Dongle for internet access to clients with limited to no internet access

SIB Mini 10

SIB Mini 10

·    10 TabletsCovers and screengaurdsMini serverRouterCharging SuitcaseMonthly subsc..


SIB Mini 5

SIB Mini 5

·    5 TabletsCovers and screengaurdsMini serverRouterCharging SuitcaseMonthly subscr..


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